To T.I.S. Group
College bookstores,
licensed collegiate apparel.

The T.I.S. Group upholds a standard of quality products and services through our business units: college bookstores, and licensed collegiate apparel.

T.I.S. began in 1962 as a family-run academic publishing and textbook distribution business called Tichenor Institutional Services (T.I.S., for short). Over the years the name of the company became just the initials, as T.I.S. expanded its business to include a wide range of interests from college bookstores to sportswear imprinting.

T.I.S. is still family-owned and -run by the Tichenors, and is based on the same ideal of high quality professional service in all our divisions.

Mission Statement
T.I.S. Group (a.k.a. T.I.S. Inc.) is a company committed to quality, putting our employees first to serve our customers best, seeking steady, manageable growth through our divisions by offering timely, top-quality products and exceptional personal service.

Business Units


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The T.I.S. Group is happy to review requests for charitble donation with priority given to Educational related causes (including Student groups) and 501(c)(3) organizations that foster education and learning. All requests must be made at least four (4) weeks prior to the date needed to allow sufficient processing time. The requesting organization will receive notification by email indicating the request has been accepted or denied.


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